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How to order an Album

Create your album in a few simple steps

Let's Begin

We are glad that you want make a Raagin for yourself or for your client. You will find all the information regarding the ordering process here.

The steps are fairly easy and straight forward. It is necessary to log in to our website to create an order. So, if you haven't signed up yet then please do so by clicking here.

If you are a professional photographer or a designer, then you are entitled for our business pricing and several other facilities. But is is mandatory to have a business website of your work to register as a photographer/designer. If you do not own a website then a business page in either of Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest will serve the purpose. Your business profile and contact number will be validated manually before the account is activated. It will take 24-48 hours for the validation process to complete.

If you register as a regular customer, then you would receive an automated eamil validation link instantly. Just validate you email by clicking on that link and you are ready to order. You would also receive Rs500 as Raagin balance at the time of signing up.

Once your account is activated, then please log in and follow these steps to create your album.


Select your images

Start with selecting the photographs for your album. The number of sheets in your album will depend on the number of photographs you select. We recommend using an average of 5 photographs per sheet for best results. For instance if you are looking for an album of 150 photographs then you should select 30 sheets while ordering the album.

However you may select as low as 1 photograph per sheet and as high as 20 photographs per sheet as per your requirement and taste. Lesser number of images per sheet will result in larger sized prints and vice versa.

Maximum number of sheets for flush mounted album is 25 and that of slim album is 40. Put the photographs in a folder and zip it. Then upload the zip file in any free cloud sharing website like Google drive, Dropbox, Wetransfer, Mega etc and proceed to the next step.

Create order

Login to our website and click on put order menu. Select the desired values options from drop down menus. The price of the album will be calculated and shown depending on the options you choose.

Enter a name for you album and click submit when you are done. Your album is now added to the cart. Then proceed to checkout and enter your delivery address.

Complete your order by making the payment.

Fill in the details

Now go to "My orders" section from main menu and click on the newly created order. Click on upload images button. Select your album from dropdown menu and fill in the details.

Select free design option.

Enter cover text one and two. You can put your names and date of the event here.

Paste the shareable cloud link of the photograps in the "Share link" field and hit submit.

Review And validate layout

We would prepare the layouts of the album and share a link with you. It may take upto 3-4 days to prepare the layouts. You would receive an email with the layout link and passowrd once thats done.

Validate the layouts and if any changes are required then mention it in the comment section beneath every image. Click submit once done.

One set of changes will be done free cost. After that it will be charged as Rs 50/- per sheet basis.

Click on submit for print when you are satisfied with the layout. No changes are permissable after you Submit your album for print.

That's it! We will now prepare your album and send it to your address.

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