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We care even for those who judge a book by its cover and that's why keep in mind, not only the aesthetics for the covers of your precious albums, but also the material from which it is crafted. So, it not only looks good but also feels exquisite. Leatherette and Linen are the two base materials used for the cover of Raagin albums, which are extremely durable and are fully capable to withstand any test of time.

Cover Materials


Leatherette is our first choice for heavy and large sized albums. This is a vegan friendly cover, being environment safe at the same time. Leatherette has served bookbinders and album makers for years.


More affordable yet durable choice would be our Linen cover options. It is a textured fabric, woven naturally with a western appeal. Minimal linen album covers are perfect for any occasion.


Available only with us. This is a speciality cover designed keeping the Indian weddings in mind. A classy yet elegant option. The brocade texture and ornamental frame makes it a real treasure.

Cover Types

Beautiful and Durable

Raagin covers

Explore our fresh cover options. Raagin album covers are crafted from materials which are durable, exquisite and environment friendly. Minimal or extravagant, whichever your choice is, we have options for you. Select from a range of our most elegant and exclusive designs of premium quality hand crafted album covers that match your unique taste.


Caramel brown

Graphite black

Antique brown


Pine green

Cedar brown

Textured cream

Dark Chocolate







Natural linen


Silver white

Sky blue

Sunset yellow



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